Welcome to Paros island!

Whether you are young or old you will fall in love with Paros island for its beaches, charming architecture, local food and sense of adventure.


Charming Villages

Delicious Food

Amazing Beaches

Turquoise Water

The island is filled with beaches and surrounded by turquoise waters.

Some of the best beaches include Golden beach and Santa Maria, Kolimbithres and Monastiri, but if you want some privacy there are so many little coves off the beaten track that combine quiet vistas, crystal clear water and fine sand. One of the most unusual and creative beaches, Kolimbithres has rocky outcrops of bizarre geological shapes sculpted by the sea and the wind, framing the beach. Between the formations there are small coves of shallow water perfect for swimming.

The cuisine of Paros celebrates traditional Greek cooking…but there is plenty of local variation.

In Paros, with its superb choice of taverns and restaurants, you can have the very best fresh sea food, delicious grilled Octopus, local meats and fresh, organic produce grown no more than a few kilometres away.

A friendly atmosphere in combination with breath-taking scenery

The whole experience of discovering old settlements, beautiful whitewashed stone houses, flowering balconies and beautiful paved streets is the joy of Paros that keeps you coming back again. The scenery of the Cyclades is famous all over the world, we take you out to sea where it can be experienced best.