A Culinary Adventure in Paros

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Paros Island

Paros Island

An island famous for exotic water and golden sand. Paros has a very temperate climate so you can swim in the sea from beginning of May until the end of October. Known for its iconic Cycladic-style architecture, white washed buildings with blue details; taking a walk round one the picturesque villages is like entering a postcard.

Holiday Packages

Holidays tailor-made for those who wish to explore the REAL Paros. Join us for an intimate trip designed for solo travellers. Join us for a comprehensive exploration of the island’s history, culture, food and so much more. Join the crew and experience a breath-taking views from the deck of our working traditional fishing boat. Explore the hidden countryside of the rugged south coast on an off the beaten track excursion. Gain a new appreciation for Greek cuisine as you go behind the scenes of a working organic farm and award-winning winery.

What is included:
– 6 nights in one of Paros’ 4/5* Hotels.
– All activities, meals and transfers included.
Holiday Packages

Eat the best Paros has to offer

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Learn the Greek cuisine

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Learn the Greek cuisine

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